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I may be strange, but you have to give me credit for having a website
don't read this
About Me
links that r kool
Shoutouts to My Friends
i'm just winging it! (boy is that a stupid saying)

Now before you see my site, you must know, that if this helps my reputation, i'm really, really weird.


Let's face it, i'm going to use this site to blackmail my friends! Sorry all of my friends i'm really mad at or love so much i just want to laugh at them on the web.

i'm going to update this website every now and then, so if you want to laugh about how weird i am or want to laugh at my friends, come on to this site!!!!
THIS IS AN AWWWWWSUM PIC!!!!!! I <3 IT!!!! THIS IS THE NAME OF IT: i have no idea what i am doing (!) isn't that funny? i am dead seereeus! i looked up i have no idea on google and that came up!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


New Stuff

This is where i'll put an update of funny stuff

It'll look like this:

Hey! This is a new page where I made fun of my friends!

ok, some new stuff:

nothing is new. i'm sorry.